Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The "Immortal Bard" is Target in "Kill Shakespeare."

William Shakespeare has been known as the “Immortal Bard” but now some of his own creations are putting his “immortality” to the test.  Kill Shakespeare pits some of Will’s most memorable characters against him and each other in battle for freedom and power.  The Hear Again Radio Project is proud to join forces with Revolution Shakespeare to adapt this exciting graphic novel for the stage.  The production will combine a dramatic reading and Foley effects with the vivid images of the original book projected on a screen, a literal living comic!  This innovative style is bound to spark the imagination of both long-time Shakespeare fans as well as newcomers to his rich and colorful world.  For details visit the Fringe Box Office

Whether his characters manage to kill him or not, the idea of Shakespeare being immortal - or at least transferable from era to era- struck me while I was writing this blog.  I've seen versions of Shakespearean plays set everywhere from outer space to a corporate board room to an insane asylum.  While the concept of a graphic novel where Shakespeare’s characters interact with one another as if in an alternate realty was certainly fresh and different, the idea that the Bard could be translated to the pop-culture medium of comics seemed perfectly natural to me.  One could even argue that the medium of comics is only perfect for the grand and sweeping characterizations of Shakespeare.  Take for example these costume designs for a production of Julius Caesar design by legendary comic artist Jack Kirby! 

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