Friday, September 2, 2011

Science Fiction Invasion: Notes for the Future

Hello, America! Tomorrow morning we embark on another terrific journey into the past when the Hear Again Radio Project presents, with the support of our friends at Plays and PlayersHear Again Radio Project's Science Fiction Invasion! Here is our new poster:

This production marks our third entry into the Philadelphia Fringe Festival with our brand of old time radio goodness for the whole family. It is also the beginning of our second season at our home for special events, Plays and Players. We thought it would be a good opportunity to share some thoughts to help you prepare for the Invasion as envisioned by Hear Again Director and Producer, Darin J Dunston.
Written in the 50’s, these stories are wonderful examples of the hopes and fears of Americans during an uncertain age.  This is an era when new technologies were emerging almost daily, like nuclear power, while invasions threatened from Communist intruders, like Red China and the Soviet Union. To deal with these fears, many people sought out Science Fiction visionaries, like Ray Bradbury, whose work is featured in our programs, who imagined a fantastic future filled with robots, automated houses, and trips to distant planets. 

As producers of radio programs in the 40's and 50's were seeking content for their radio airwaves,  they frequently adapted short stories of great writers. The writers of Science Fiction radio drama may have gotten some things wrong as they imagined a world of tomorrow, for example, I’m still waiting for my flying car, but you’ll be amazed upon listening how many things they got right. Through these original scripts we look to the future through the prism of the past to explore our biggest dreams and worst nightmares.
During the Fringe, we have different episodes planned for Saturdays and Sundays. Beyond the Fringe, we are planning our annual Halloween Spooktackular, Holiday Hullabaloo, Valentines' Va-Va Voom, and a new Spring Fling. Dates and details can be found here. 

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Thank you, and I hope to meet you at the theater. Tell your friends, and get your tickets here.