Saturday, February 2, 2013

New Poster Image: My Favorite Valentine Show

Hello America!

We are SEVEN DAYS TO AIR before the triumphant return of the Hear Again Radio Project.

Join us live in studio when we recreate two classic radio dramas from the Golden Age of Radio complete with live music, vintage commercials, foley sound effects, and our wonderful company of radio actors.

For Valentine's Day, when love is in the air, we here at the Hear Again Sound Labs are reminded of one of our most favorite series, My Favorite Husband.  It is series that first brought the remarkable Lucielle Ball into homes across America that served as the basis for her later landmark television series, I Love Lucy.
This year, rather than finding another series to pair with this delicious treat, we thought we would double the delights and present TWO episodes from the series:
Drafted (Jan 25, 1951)
Valentine's Day (Feb 11, 1949)

We also will feature some good advice from the Nation's Homemaker, Mrs Ida Bailey Allen; some songs and jingles about Jell-O, Lux Shampoo, and another 5 Minute Mystery.

Bring your best guy or gal! Don't miss it! Things are so much nicer when you're Hear Again!

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