Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring is in Bloom, and we're back on the air!

 This weekend at our home for special events we will present our Spring-in-Bloom program, “Baseball and Taxes”. I have asked Director Frederick Andersen to write a little something for the program to put the performance in the right frame work for the audience. His notes were so lovely, I couldn't help myself and wanted to share them with you a little early.

Welcome to the Hear Again Radio Project’s Spring-in-Bloom program, “Baseball and Taxes”! We’re coming out of the winter doldrums and beginning to look forward to better weather, longer days, even vacations, the perfect opportunity to dust off a little nostalgia and take a few steps back to a simpler time.

This time out we’re doing three episodes, two of which – “Ellery Queen: World Series Crime” and “Nine Striking Beauties” – have large casts with a lot of male roles. But the HARP cast is more than up to the challenge, everyone creating such distinct and clearly-drawn characters that, if you close your eyes, you’ll swear you’re hearing a different actor in each part. We’re also presenting an episode of “The Bickersons”, likely to prompt some of you to wonder who’s been bugging your homes!

We typically provide a musical interlude between acts, and for “Baseball and Taxes” it’s no different. You’ll be hearing “It’s Deductible” from the 1950 movie “My Blue Heaven”, starring Betty Grable and Dan Dailey, and performed by our very own Betty and Dan: Kristen Norine and Jared Delaney.

It’s always a pleasure to perform with the Hear Again cast –but it’s been a particular pleasure to handle director duties for “Baseball and Taxes”. Thanks to Old Smoothie and Artistic Director Darin Dunston for trusting me with the job. Our team of pros – including lovely musical director Linda Henderson – made it easy for me.

We always say we enjoy performing these shows as much as the audience does hearing them. If that’s the case we’re all going to have a ball with “Baseball and Taxes”! So sit back and relax: we’re on the air!

--Fred Andersen

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Our Spring- in- Bloom Broadcast features Baseball and Taxes

Hello America,

We are less than one week away from the Hear Again Radio Project's final performances of the 2011-12 season. The team has been hard at work creating radio magic for you and your whole family. This time, we're featuring two annual rites of Spring that each April brings: The return of Baseball and the revenge of the Tax Man. To ease your burden, we have put together a really terrific program, under the sly direction of Mr. Frederick Andersen.

Performances are at our home for special events, Plays and Players for one weekend only. Please join us live in studio for some good old fashioned radio goodness on Saturday April 14 at 7pm and Sunday April 15 at 4pm & 7pm.

Event and ticket details can be found here: Hear Again Baseball and Taxes Event 

We hope to see you there!