Monday, October 28, 2013

RadioLab's Story about War of the Worlds

As luck would have it, this past weekend I was driving back from Virginia where I presented a workshop for students on Old Time Radio Drama. As a fan of radio, I was dial surfing and stumbled upon this terrific story on NPR's program Radio Lab about the Halloween fervor caused by the original broadcast of The War of the Worlds as performed by Orson Welles and the Mercury Theater-on-the-Air. It is a great listen and very educational. Enjoy!

Announcing our next event- The Thanks-for-Giving Program

Hello America,

Tickets are now on sale for our next great radio drama event when the Hear Again Radio Project presents The Thanks-for-Giving Program featuring two terrific episodes for the golden age of radio.

The evening will feature one episode of Our Miss Brooks called Thanksgiving Turkey and another tale well calculated to keep you in... Suspense, with My Dear Niece.

As always we will feature live original music, provided by the incomparable Linda Henderson, and live foley sound effects delivered by our pair of soundscape engineers, Miss Kristen Norine, and Krishna Pryia Dunston.

Also in the cast will be Jill Lawrence, David Stanger, Jared Michael Delaney, and the original old smoothie, Darin J. Dunston.

Get your tickets HERE!