Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Specials From Radio Past

Hello America,

As you and your family are gathering for Thanksgiving, we at Hear Again Radio Project thought it might be nice to dig up a few vintage holiday specials for your listening pleasure while preparing for your holiday feast. Enjoy!

In this link you can listen to an episode of "Command Performance"  from Thanksgiving Day 1944. It was a variety/comedy show during WWII where celebrities would perform for the troops. This episode features Dinah Shore, Harry von Zell, and Wally Brown.

In the "Elgin Thanksgiving Show 7th Annual" in 1948 - Dean Martin was introduced as a "new star" and part of a night club duo with Jerry Lewis. The following year the Dean Martin And Jerry Lewis Show was on the air. The Elgin Watch Company sponsored 7 Elgin Holiday Specials for Thanksgiving from 1942 to 1948. These specials feature several celebrities. They made Christmas specials as well.

On a 1939 episode of "The Answer Man" titled "Who Ate The Most at the First Thanksgiving" Albert Carlyle Mitchell, The Answer Man, discussed some important questions about Thanksgiving. In 1939 there were two different Thanksgivings in America, and The Answer Man explains why.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Support Plays and Players "10 for 100" 10 day Fundraising Drive

Hello America,

If you have enjoyed the programming that the Hear Again Radio Project   has provided since 2010, won't you please consider participating by donating just $10 to Plays and Players Theater's "10 for 100" campaign.

When the Hear Again Radio Project was searching for a home, the first place we thought to contact was Plays and Players. The dedicated team of artists and theater professionals have made wonderful hosts, and enabled us to bring the wonder and drama of Old Time Radio to life on stage for the good people of Philadelphia for the past 2 seasons.

We could not do it without their support. Please part with your pennies to keep us on the air.

Details on how you can participate can be found here: 

Between 11/23/11 and 12/2/11, please donate $10.00. We are working hard to make our goal of $10,000 to be matched by the Wyncote Foundation. If we can make this goal before the end of the fiscal year we will ask them to raise our match to $20,000.

To donate just mail your contribution to: 

or (direct link.)

If you choose to submit directly, tell 'em the Original Old Smoothie sent you.