Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Birthday, Gracie.

Hello America,

Today is actress and radio comedienne Gracie Allen's birthday. Happy Birthday, Gracie. Whereever you are!

For more on her work, go HERE

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Birthplace of Radios!

Hello America,

Those of you who have ever attended a Hear Again show will know that we begin each "broadcast" with the phrase "Live from Philadelphia, the birthplace of radios." I think it is time to let some of you in on the joke. When I was creating Hear Again, I wanted to honor the history that Philadelphia has played in the early days of radio.

Most people when they imagine a family in the 1940's gathering around a radio to listen to the latest installment of Amos and Andy or The Green Hornet, picture in their mind's eye a cathedral style Philco radio like the Baby Grand style radio in the right side of this picture.

These radios, and hundreds of other models were manufactured in the great city of Philadelphia by the Philadelphia Storage Battery Company which was later renamed the Philco Corporation. I found a terrific site detailng the history of Philco HERE. This is an amazing site with great pictures and information.

Also, published earlier this week was a great new book about Philadelphia Radio. I cannot wait to read this book. You can find some info about it HERE.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Today in Radio History- July 20, 1897

Hello America,

Today marks the 114th anniversary of the founding of Wireless Telegraph and Signal Company in England. We here at the Hear Again Radio Project are interested in far more than radio drama. We want to connect with the people and inventors that pioneered the technology that enabled storytellers to bring intimate stories into homes across America and the World.

To read more on Guglielmo Marconi and the invention of the Wireless Telegraph go HERE.

You can also read Erik Larson's great book Thunderstruck about the race to transmit reliable wireless signals across the Atlantic Ocean. You can buy it HERE

Hear Again Radio Project's Science Fiction Extravaganza tickets on sale!

Hello America! Tickets for our Philadelphia Fringe Festival shows are now on sale.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Workshop in Radio Drama at UArts

This past Friday, several of the usual Hear Again suspects presented a performance and workshop in the lost art form of Radio Drama. We began with a short program that featured staged readings of "Superman, Episode 2, Clark Kent, Reporter" and an episode of X Minus One, Ray Bradbury's "The Veldt".

Then, we led a talk-back with the students of the University of the Arts Pre-College Acting + Musical Theater program, followed by a workshop where the students were divided into performance teams to rehearse short segments from the golden age of radio. Each performance team was assigned a pair of foley artists to perform live sounds, and one of teams was dedicated to performing vintage commercials and jingles.

Here are a few pictures:

America's Sweetheart as Miss Mercury

To promote our episodes for the Hear Again Radio Project's Science Fiction Extravaganza in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival this year, we've dressed up America's Sweetheart, Jenn MacMillan as Miss Mercury.

Get ready for the Martian Invasion! We open at Plays and Players on Saturday September 3, 2011 and run weekends through Sept 18 at 1pm & 4pm.